Originally built in 1983, we have been with this home through three major renovations bringing it from its original 1400sqft to its current 4800sqft status.  One of the most rewarding aspects of masonry is its timeless aesthetic.



This home is built from local reclaimed 4" Full Veneer Sandstone.

Dry Stack Fireplace

The focal point of the family room is centered around the fireplace.   Laid in a dry stack masonry technique, the local reclaimed sandstone is set tight together with minimal mortar.  The combination of the reclaimed Douglas Fir wood and the machined Arizona red flagstone hearth create a nod to the anasazi heritage of the region. 

Arkansas Stripe Stone

The library is a hammer and chiseled sedimentary rock from an Arkansas sandstone quarry set with a uniform joint and a small wood stove.  Stone frames the stained glass window trim and door jam.